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A candied blueberry with notes of sour razzmatazz that will drive this vape flavor home

Savage CBD Review
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Savage CBD Driven

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This is a review of Driven by Savage CBD. Read this in-depth review to see if it is a CBD ejuice that you should consider trying.

I suffer from muscle cramps. In part, I believe that it has to do with a food sensitivity. At other times, I feel like it may be related to stress and anxiety. 

I can get really tense and find it hard to unwind. Although alcohol can help me relax and feel more comfortable, I don't like the haze that it puts me in mentally. CBD is a solution that I found but something that can be hard to build up an effective level with unless you vape it.

Finding the Right Vape Solution

For me, I simply didn't like the taste of so many vape products on the market. This made it hard for me to continue medicating myself even though I found that the CBD was very effective at curing my tense demeanor.

I am not much of a nicotine vaper either and found that most shops were more oriented towards nicotine vape products and had poor selection when it came to CBD extract blends. 

Savage CBD Driven

Many told me that I should get into dabbing my CBD. I had tried it one time and thought that this was incredibly expensive and overkill. I just wanted something portable that I could take with me as I traveled across the state. 

I wanted to just take a puff, here and there, for stress relief without the fear of being stopped and questioned by police regarding my dab rig. The dab rig looks too much like a freebase kit, hashish water pipe, or water bong. It is not something that I would want to carry around with me.

Yet, I did not find a smokable CBD product that I needed for the higher absorption rates that I required. Luckily, I found a professionally formulated Ejuice created by Savage called Driven. I can safely recommend this product to any of my friends or other medical CBD patients because it is effective and tasty.

What is Savage Driven CBD eJuice?

It is a product that people will want to come near you to smell because it is so tantalizing. I read that the Driven berry flavor was created by professional mixologists and chemists to ensure that it wafted through the air like a natural Willy Wonka type of treat.

The one-dimensional flavors and off-tasting samples of other vape blends that I tried had all left me deeply disappointed in comparison.

If you are someone who wants their clothes to smell wonderful after you vape and who doesn't want to feel disgusted and nauseous after a few puffs too many, the Driven brand vaping Ejuice is what I'd recommend.

They have a variety of concentrations to allow patients to determine if they'd rather puff for recreation or need more intense medicinal therapy. The quality of the CBD extract in the formula is what really had me calmed down and mellowed out in a matter of minutes.

I had actually developed a nervous habit called bruxism. I was grinding and clenching my teeth all the time because I felt like I carried the world on my shoulders. Just a thought about work or the obstacles on the horizon would cause me to go through a vicious train of thought that snapped me into fight-or-flight mode.

Benefits of Savage Driven CBD

Finding a quality CBD formula that also tastes really interesting with a rich depth of flavors proved to be the ultimate solution. I now find myself using the Driven Ejuice even when I am not suffering an immediate stress attack. I can simply take it to relax as a form of preventative maintenance.

This type of therapy is so safe and natural as well. I am able to focus on the pleasant things in life and do my work as usual without getting too worked up about things. I feel more clearheaded and like I have a more natural train of thoughts than these crescendos and phantasmagorias of worry and speculation racing through my mind all the time.

If I want to sleep great at night, I simply take a lot of heavy puffs before bedtime. This is the best way to wake up in the morning feeling fresh and recharged. The fact that it is not psychoactive and that I am not going to feel fragmented, depersonalized, and paranoid like I did when I had smoked cannabis as a teenager makes me happy.

It took me a while to buy into the whole CBD craze because I felt like a lot of what I was reading was just marketing hype. It seemed too good to be true that CBD would do this and that for me.

But then, I remembered that I did feel very peaceful back in the day when I used to toke the ganja.

Whether an extract would be able to replicate that effect and actually reduce the psychological anxiety that marijuana made me feel seemed far-fetched. As a result, I had put off trying CBD for over a year because I had a lot of work and did not want to put myself in an altered state of mind.

Yet, when I did try the CBD, I found that I was able to focus on my work and produce a better work-product because I was no longer stressed out and uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts About Savage Driven CBD

If you are like me, you may have been skeptical about taking CBD and its perceived benefits. There are a lot of hype sellers out there who exaggerate how effective their CBD products may be for various conditions. The truth is that you have to build up a level of CBD to attain results and that vaping is one of the best methods for reaching that level quickly. Instead of waiting months to see desirable effects, you can purchase the Driven CBD Ejuice and start feeling the full potential of CBD therapy virtually overnight.


  • ​Rich depth of taste
  • Natural flavor
  • Quality CBD extract
  • High medicinal value
  • Pure relaxation

  • ​Costs more than some brands
  • Contains propylene glycol
  • Less effective than dabbing for some conditions
Savage CBD Driven

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A candied blueberry with notes of sour razzmatazz that will drive this vape flavor home.

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