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This is a review of CBDfx Vape oil. Make sure that you read our in-depth review before you buy.

Vape additives are surprisingly niche in the vaping community. They are external liquids that you add to your existing vape oils to alter, change, or enhance the flavor—pretty cool, right? 

It depends on who you ask. In most circles, vape additives are actually pretty divisive. If you're asking us, though, they're a great way to give your favorite vape new life. They can also be a fun way to experiment with different forms of vaping. 

Today, we're going to take a look at CBDfx, a new vape additive that's been gaining a lot of traction. Let's take a look at what sets it apart from other additives and why it may be worth your time.

Who Is CBDfx Vape Oil Best For?

CBDfx is a unique product. Its marquee factor is actually right in the name—it includes a high concentration of CBD. 60mg, to be exact. For those unfamiliar, CBD is a substance that is extremely similar to marijuana in the effects and feelings it creates once consumed. 

But unlike marijuana, CBD lacks any trace of THC, which is the compound that lends marijuana much of its controversy. THC is where the hallucinogenic and psychedelic side effects come from when you smoke a joint. 

Theoretically, CBD allows you to enjoy all the positive aspects of marijuana without needing to deal with the drawbacks caused by THC. This benefit means that CBDfx can be an excellent product for lots of different people. It also cements the product as a truly unique vape additive when compared to alternatives. 

CBD, and CBDfx by extension, can help alleviate stress, pain, feelings of anxiety, and even insomnia when taken consistently. As a result, CBDfx can be a wonderful alternative for those who aren't able to use marijuana recreationally. 

Using CBDfx is simple. All you need to do is add about half of the included dropper into your vape's juice tank. If you're looking for a really intense session, you can add a full dropper, but we recommend building up to this dosage. 

CBDfx Vape Oil Additive

Aside from the effects brought on by the 60mg of CBD, the product won't do much to change your vape's flavor. It isn't completely negligible, but the taste is exceptionally mild relative to the bolder and fruitier options of its competitors. 

For some, this is actually a positive. If you want to supercharge your vape with some CBD but don't want an additive that drastically changes your juice's favorite flavor, CBDfx may be a stellar option for you. 

CBDfx has another benefit over conventional marijuana products—it has no side effects of any kind. While the lack of THC means that psychedelic experiences were already off the table, you also won't have to deal with other infamous drawbacks of marijuana, like increased appetite and slower motor skills. That means that CBDfx can be used liberally for recreation, sleep, or relaxation. 

Lastly, the manufacturer claims that CBDfx is free of GMOs of any kind. The product uses food-grade ingredients and is entirely organic as well. If you like to stay away from overly processed products, you can enjoy CBDfx without concern. 

What Does CBDfx Vape Oil Do Well?

Lots of things. To start, you can use CBDfx with a wide range of different liquids and flavors. Its mild nature lends itself well to experimentation. 

That said, the taste isn't completely unnoticeable. Flavors that err towards the sweet side of the spectrum aren't ideal for the somewhat-sour flavor of CBDfx. It's ideal for bolder and more savory flavors, like those that replicate the taste of tobacco. 

The additive is receptive to different power settings as well. Feel free to experiment with your vape's different outputs—CBDfx remains consistent regardless of the settings on most vapes. 

Low-power vapes may struggle to enjoy the full range of the additive's flavor, however. For best results, medium settings on a mid-quality vape will yield the best results. 

We found CBDfx to have some pretty substantial effects as well. Its status as a cannabinoid product isn't just marketing fluff. You can expect to feel relaxed and at ease after smoking this for only a few minutes. 


The effects won't be as pronounced as they would be with conventional marijuana, however. It would be a stretch to say that CBDfx is an effective sedative. You should view the product as more of a relaxation tool than a be-all, end-all solution to your insomnia and stress issues. 

That said, using the additive in conjunction with breathing techniques and other forms of relaxation can yield some killer results. Likewise, it's a great all-around product for those who want something to help them unwind after work or a stressful day. 

The mild and experimentation-friendly nature of this additive does a lot to enhance its overall value. If the flavor were bolder and more obtrusive, it wouldn't be nearly as handy.

But because you can use it pretty liberally with a large assortment of different liquids and flavors, it largely serves as a way to introduce the stress-relieving effects of CBD to your favorite liquids.

That's a pretty huge benefit for those with chronic anxiety, tension, or sleep issues. As a result, CBDfx is an easy product to recommend. 

Final Thoughts About CBDfx Vape Oil

Overall, CBDfx will be a valuable addition to your vaping kit if you meet a few requirements. If you don't like sweet favors and don't mind a very small amount of sourness being added to your favorite liquids, then CBDfx may be a fantastic choice for you. 

Likewise, if you don't have access to recreational marijuana but want to enjoy the bulk of its benefits, CBDfx is an easy recommendation. It's important to keep your expectations in check when buying for this purpose, though—to call the feeling brought on after smoking the product a "high" would certainly be a stretch. 

We highly recommend CBDfx if you meet the above requirements. It's a simple, intuitive, and effective additive that has a lot to offer for certain people. Check out the product ASAP if you want to get a feel for CBD and its benefits.


  • ​Mild flavor
  • welcomes experimentation
  • receptive to different power settings

  • ​Doesn't play as nicely with sweet flavors
  • not nearly as potent as THC products
CBDfx Vape Oil Additive

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