CBD for Weight Loss: Can It Actually Help You Lose Weight?

CBD for Weight Loss
No matter how many people use it or the research that has come out saying it is a beneficial substance, the fact is that cannabis will always carry with it a stereotype of causing you to binge eat and add some extra pounds on you.

Cannabis is most socially popular for causing people to get high and subsequently get the munchies. So the thought of using CBD to get healthier and gain more energy is not one that typically comes to mind, and thinking about using CBD oil for weight loss is even more absurd of a thought.

However, there have recently been several case studies and research that has been done which has revealed that cannabis can actually be used to lower your weight!

So, the big question is whether you should get rid of your traditional diet techniques and switch over to using CBD oil in order to lose weight. Below is a guide to answering your question on whether or not you should use Cannabis to reach your weight loss goals.

How and Why We Gain Weight

CBD oil may help with weight loss but it should not be confused with being any type of magic pill or answer for all of your weight loss goals. To understand how CBD oil helps your body shed weight, you need to understand how you start gaining weight in the first place.

You first start gaining weight when you have more calories going in than you do going our. It can also be caused by pregnancy, hormone levels changing, your metabolism slowing down or fluctuating, or even inflammation inside the digestive system.

So while it may seem that all you need to do is cut down on the calories you take in, it can actually be much more complex than that. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to have all your body’s systems in a healthy balance.

How CBD Oil Helps You Lose Weight

The collegiate studies that have recently been conducted on CBD oil and its effects on weight loss indicate that it may be extremely effective for helping to regulate ECS, and can also help to bring balance back to your body’s systems such as your hormone levels and your metabolic patterns.

CBD oil has been shown to correct the imbalances in your body which would keep those last stubborn few pounds from coming off. So what does CBD oil correct inside the body?

Insulin Levels

Many people who struggle with obesity and diabetes and have a hard time losing weight or getting healthy blood sugar levels is because they suffer from insulin resistance. When your body makes excess glucose, due to conditions like obesity, the metabolic system starts to break down and the cells in the body start to resist insulin.

This is a highly dangerous condition and can lead to further weight gain or diabetic issues. CBD oil has been proven to help restore the body’s insulin system back to normal.

In 2018, a study was released which showed that CBD enhanced the cell’s ability to absorb more glucose and lower elevated blood sugar which in turn made it easier for weight to start coming off and diabetics were even able to stop battling their condition so hard.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Your metabolism is very important and plays a huge role in the body’s function as a whole. You need to have a healthy metabolism in order for your body to create enough energy for it to perform functions normally so you can go about your day to day activities.

Mitochondria is considered the energy factories of the cells, so when you go into insulin resistance, your mitochondria starts to break down as well which means your body does not get the energy it needs. Some research is also being done as to whether suffering mitochondria may also be linked to cancerous conditions.

In 2016, a lab study was done to monitor what happened when CBD oil was used on fat cells. This study came across the fact that once it was introduced to these cells, the damaged mitochondria began working better again!


CBD has been used for thousands of years for medical purposes, especially for helping when something is inflamed on the body. When your body experiences dysfunction in the metabolic system, your body’s cells are going to be inflamed every time.

Chronic inflammation within the cells can actually destroy the cells where insulin is created and can lead to the body not being able to create insulin at all by itself. The pancreas then works overtime trying to compensate for it, which in turn causes the pancreas to become swollen.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help reduce the amount of inflammation in the body’s cells and in the pancreas and make sure its function is restored to healthier levels.

When there is less inflammation within the body, it makes it easier to lose weight and can actually help people from developing diabetes.

Fat Gain

It may sound like a given, but increased body fat is one of the biggest risks that come with obesity and diabetes. This is an obvious but the reasons behind it are not necessarily obvious.

Not all fat cells are the same, and the most dangerous type is known as the white fat cells, which accumulate around essential organs and can cause it to be very difficult for them to function. The other type of body fat is known as brown fat cells which is softer and much easier to lose than white fat cells are.

CBD oil helps the body lose weight by stimulating the white fat cells and causing them to start browning which in turn helps them become much easier to burn off. Not only does CBD oil help destroy white fat cells, but it also slows down the rate of which new fat cells are created.

Liver Damage

Another risk that is brought on by obesity and diabetes is damage to the liver. The liver is one of the most essential organs of the body and is where the energy is formed in the body.

When the liver has too much fructose, or sugar, intake it can get inflamed which means it is starting not to function which indicates the onset of liver disease. In 2015, research was conducted which showed the impact that CBD oil has on the liver.

The results said that they reduce the buildup of triglycerides in the liver meaning it can help with type 2 diabetes and allows for improvements on weight loss.

So, What Does All Of This Mean For CBD Versus Weight Loss

The evidence that has been built up in favor of using CBD oil to help with weight loss has been gaining. Though the research and tests are still in their early stages which can make it difficult to say for certain, the results so far have been incredibly promising.

No one is sure just how much the oil will reach or just how much of an impact it will make, but it is certain that there is some things that it can help the body do. It can assist in balancing out the metabolic functions and help the rest of the body’s systems begin to work properly again, all of which can help you start to lose weight.

With exercise and dietary changes, using CBD oil could definitely be an intervening factor that can help you manage obesity and diabetes, as well as manage your boy’s recovery as you begin to lose weight and get healthier.

For further information on how to use CBD oil to manage your weight, you can talk to your health care provider or do further research as to how it may help you on your journey.

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