CBD for Kids: 10 Things a Parent Should Know Before Using

CBD for Kids

Is CBD Consumption Safe in Children and Babies?

Since the discovery of CBD’s amazing non-psychoactive properties, many studies have started focusing on this cannabinoid. Now, thanks to a few researchers ‘ work and dedication, we know that CBD is not only non-psychoactive, but also very beneficial when consumed by sick children.

Newsweek accredits Raphael Mechoulam for discovering CBD in 1960, and since then the CBD research trajectory has evolved like no other. Cannabidiol, once unknown and subsequently stigmatized, is now on the lips of all.

For years, CBD has inadequately been overshadowed by THC, the most common type of Cannabis sativa L marijuana. So what’s the reason for this sudden spike of interest?

CBD consumption is safe for babies and children alike

Some may find the idea of administering CBD to babies and kids ridiculous. The CBD originates from marijuana after all, right? This is where it is important to recognize this species ‘ diverse nature, interacting with cannabinoid quantities and other chemical compounds.

CBD may be consumed outside of THC, not being psychoactive, to mitigate or even potentially treat certain health issues. That includes kids. No doctor will prescribe a child with psychoactive marijuana in his right mind.

The positive effect CBD properties have on Dravet syndrome

It has been shown, however, that CBD can help a child with a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome.

Most of the available data should be based on preliminary or factual studies. The government’s blockade and stigma discouraged a complete analysis of the cannabis plant. But the reports gathered on it are very reassuring given this disease’s circumstances, which is often lethal.

Dravet syndrome’s symptoms are debilitating: frequent epileptic seizures can last several hours. Dravet syndrome affects mobility severely for many patients and disrupts cognitive function.

Sadly, this syndrome is already connected with parents and mothers who are desperate to try to soothe the attacks of their children without success. This has started to change with CBD’s introduction.

Video: The Amazing Story of Charlotte Figi’s recovery

Charlotte Figi, a girl with Dravet syndrome, hit the international covers and even popped up in the CNN documentary “Weed” because of the unbelievable impact CBD oil had on her illness. In actuality, the tests are almost hard to believe.

According to Dr. Margaret Gedde, “Charlotte’s been close to death so many times per day”, now she experiences only 2 or 3 attacks each month and, among other things, has dramatically improved her mobility. But Charlotte isn’t the only girl to benefit from CBD for the use of calming Dravet syndrome.

The rise in CBD research proves its Effectiveness on many illnesses

A recent survey has attained information in the form of a CBD-rich form of cannabis by studying 19 participants with children who were given a diagnosis of epilepsy.

84% of participants observed a decrease in the frequency of their children’s epileptic seizures when they consumed CBD. 11 percent reported no more attacks on their children, while 42 percent reported an 80 decrease in attacks.

In one case of the CBD group, the monthly average of attacks was lowered from 12.4 to 5.9 according to an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

The phase III trial conclusions led by director of NYU Langone’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, Dr. Orrin Devinsky, whereas in the placebo group the average number of seizures were only reduced from 14.9 to 14.1.

Because of the outcome, Dr. Devinsky confirmed his beliefs that the FDA would approve of progressing more towards legalization. Especially after a different Dravet syndrome study, 2-18 years old, was separated into a group with an oral CBD solution, while another study received a placebo.

The experiment spanned for 14 weeks, with patients suffering from 4 to 1717 epileptic seizures per month being the object of the study.

Of the 120 participants in the experiment, 5 children did not experience another attack during the 14 weeks. Taking into account that only a few definitive studies on the subject have existed so far, these statistics are exceptionally encouraging.

Moreover, as the production of CBD is inclined to skyrocket in the years to come, there’ll be more opportunities to find out how CBD is an effective treatment.

The phase III trial was led by the principal investigator and study first co-author Orrin Devinsky, MD, a professor of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine and director of NYU Langone’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, and was published online May 17 in The New England Journal of Medicine.

CBD has many benefits and barely any side effects

One reason CBD becomes such a viable solution is that there are very few noted side effects. Nausea and fatigue are some of the side effects, but there aren’t any serious ones.

The advantages of CBD clearly overshadows these insignificant problems, especially in the case of those suffering from painful or terminal diseases.

Even though research has backed studies in medical cannabis use since Chinese Emperor Shen Nung permitted it in 2,700 B.C., there are obviously sectors that do not accept the idea of CBD as medicine and continue to propagate the negatives of marijuana in a smear campaign.

Even though we have not yet published data, the internet is full of testimonies from parents and families who learned the CBD is working wonderfully with their children.

High-quality CBD products can give children maximum results

One fact to take into account is that not all CBD products are the same. The percentages of CBD used are not clear even in the referenced studies, or if they were made using a whole plant formula or providing the CBD as an isolated compound. While those differences may not seem very significant, they can truly differentiate between products.

While CBD research is growing, many people generally accept that integral formulas are the most appropriate. They have a structure rich in the same plant’s supporting chemicals.

The formulas from the whole plant, contrary to isolated compounds, are highly compatible and can have a more absolute effects.

Please check with your doctor first if you plan to give your children CBD oil. The pediatrician may find it difficult to achieve an objective answer because CBD and cannabis are still regulated in a very strict way.

The web is flooded with CBD advocates who profess that they themselves or their relatives saw or experienced the profound effect of the CBD. This is an inspiration and a good place to start for future research on how CBD still exceeds all expectations.

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