CBD for Diabetes: 5 Things You Should Know & If It Works

CBD for Diabetes

Will Smoking Marijuana Help Diabetes?

Perhaps as dire as the opioid crisis is the rise in diabetes. For many Americans, being overweight has led to the development of diabetes. Because diabetes comes with its own slew of problems and health risks, many people are looking for ways to treat its symptoms–if not cure it entirely.

One of these methods is marijuana. This recreational drug is typically associated with lazy days and munchies. Can it really be used to treat diabetes and other problems?

This article will go over five things that you should know about CBD and diabetes as well as if taking CBD can actually help your diabetes.

1. What Is CBD, Anyway?

Typically, when you first think about CBD, you likely immediately picture a joint and lighting it up. However, CBD stands for cannabidiol and is found primarily in hemp. This is incredibly different from THC which is another cannabinoid that’s responsible for giving you a high.

Because they are two separate things, you cannot become high when using CBD. This is something that many people who are new to marijuana don’t realize. Instead, they typically think that if they use any part of the marijuana plant that they’re going to experience mind-altering effects.

This isn’t the case. CBD has many health benefits in itself and can be used with THC to enhance its own medical properties. Many diabetes patients have started using CBD with other treatments to not only prevent diabetes but also to treat it.

2. You Might Be Able To Prevent Diabetes With CBD

One of the reasons that many people have started using CBD is because it might be able to prevent diabetes from forming in the first place. First, it’s important to understand why diabetes occurs at all.

There are two different ways that diabetes can form. In the case of type one diabetes, it usually has to do with your genetics. You may have a mutation in your genes that basically keeps your insulin from performing its functions at optimum ability.

In the case of type two diabetes, you typically develop diabetes either because your body has developed insulin resistance or because you have insulin levels during high fasting periods even if you’re not fasting.

One study showed that by using cannabis, they were able to reduce the number of insulin levels in the blood. This was opposed to those who had never used CBD before.

Besides high fasting, those who used CBD also saw a decrease in insulin resistance. Interestingly, even though who had used CBD before, but had long since stopped, had lower levels than those who had never used CBD before in their life.

However, these individuals still had a higher amount than those who were currently using CBD.

This clearly shows that by regularly CBD, you might be able to help prevent the development of diabetes. For those who are already at risk of developing the disease, taking CBD is another step that you can take to keep yourself healthy.

Another way in which CBD helps to prevent–and even treat–diabetes is through its role in helping to reduce insulin resistance.

This is a condition that affects those suffering from type two diabetes the most. Insulin resistance occurs when the cells no longer interact with insulin.

When this occurs, the cells can no longer accept glucose. They require glucose in order to perform many of their functions. Without it, cells can die.

CBD has been shown to help limit the chances of insulin resistance. While doctors and researchers are unsure just yet how CBD is actually helping reduce insulin resistance, the science indicates that it plays some role.

Some believe it may be because the CBD helps to reduce the amount of inflammation in the body.

There has been a suggested relationship between inflammation that occurs chronically and insulin resistance. Without inflammation, the body basically functions a lot better. CBD can remove that inflammation and cause the body to operate at a better level.

3. CBD Can Prevent Obesity

Because obesity plays such a heavy role in diabetes, one clear way to help yourself keep from developing diabetes is by maintaining a healthy weight. However, this isn’t always easy to do. CBD can make it just that much easier.

It is believed to be able to do this through three different methods. The first is that it helps to remove the inflammation which might be causing some of the obesity. Inflammation can not only prevent your body from burning fat but it can also make losing weight, in general, a lot more difficult.

CBD is also an appetite suppressant. For those who tend to overeat, regularly using CBD can actually help stave off those munchies. By not overeating, you won’t be adding unnecessary calories into your body.

Finally, CBD is also believed to convert white adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue. Why does this matter? White adipose tissue is basically in charge of storing fat and calories.

It’s brown adipose tissue that is involved with burning calories for energy. By converting the white into brown, CBD basically makes it so your body can burn its calories a lot easier.

For those who have problems with their metabolism and burning fat, CBD can help you lose that stubborn fat that may be feeding your obesity.

There is no question that obesity has an important role in the development of diabetes. CBD can help prevent and lower obesity. In turn, this can prevent or even treat diabetes.

4. CBD Can Help With Diabetic Pain

For many people who suffer from diabetes, one of the issues that they have to deal with regularly is chronic pain. This pain is often called neuropathy because it’s essentially nerve damage.

For those who suffer from diabetes, neuropathy typically occurs in their hands and feet but they can feel neuropathy practically anywhere in the body.

Some of the symptoms of neuropathy can be a pain in the hands or feet area, for example, numbness, and even a tingling sensation.

It is not uncommon for those who are suffering from diabetes to be unaware that they have cut themselves on their hands or feet because of the numbness. In severe cases of neuropathy, amputation may need to be performed.

Luckily, CBD can be used to help treat pain and neuropathy. In regards to pain, CBD can help because it reduces inflammation. It is inflammation which typically causes pain to occur.

Besides that, however, CBD has also been found to have a growth factor for nerves. By adding in that growth factor into the body, you can ensure that your nerves remain healthy. Finally, CBD can also assist in preventing the liver from experiencing oxidative stress.

This is important because oxidative stress has been shown to also lead to neuropathy. So, if you suffer from diabetes and diabetic pain, then CBD could be used to help assist with your pain and ensure that your nerves remain healthy.

5. CBD Can Help With Skin Problems

One last way that CBD can be used to treat diabetes is in its ability to help the skin. For many diabetics, their skin can become unhealthy and easily irritated. Typically, diabetics experience a great deal of itching.

CBD has been shown to have moisturizing capabilities that can soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.

Does It Work?

While research is still being performed as to whether CBD can be used as a cure for diabetes, there are plenty of positive results for CBD being used as both preventative treatment and treatment for symptoms of diabetes.

If you suffer from diabetes, then you should try CBD and see if it helps with any of the following diabetic issues listed above today.

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