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  • Garlic series 1000g bottle
  • Garlic series 1000g bottle
    Garlic series 1000g bottle

    Product name: Fresh garlic


      During the Qin and Han Dynasties, garlic was introduced into China from the western regions, and has a history of more than two years. Garlic planting is very common, producing areas all over the country, making China become the world's main garlic producing, consuming and exporting countries. In foreign countries, garlic is made into various condiments.

      The aim of Rongchang food is to provide "more convenient, faster and healthier" delicious products for consumers. We use dedicated heart, professional technology, specialized equipment to ensure the pure taste of garlic.

      This product can be mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil and so on. It can be eaten immediately after opening the lid. It is suitable for all kinds of mixed vegetables, dumplings, Sichuan hot pot, etc.

      It has its own planting base, strictly selects the best fresh garlic as the main raw material, and selects it by hand one by one. The product is refined by 21 processes, and the preservative content is 0%. International advanced equipment to create excellent quality, devoted to scientific research for 15 years, successfully filled the gap in Chinese condiment market. From raw materials to finished products, the whole process of 0 ~ 10 cold storage, the product is not easy to change color in the preservation, the unique technology of antibacterial is the soul of casting this product. In order to better meet the consumer's different taste requirements for similar products, two kinds of flavors are specially prepared for the majority of consumers to choose.


      Remove the sour smell of garlic, retain the garlic flavor; strong taste, soft entrance.

    Net content: 1000g

    Packing: Bottled

    Storage: Frozen

    Shelf life: 10 Months

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